Hotel Olbia La Locanda del Conte Mameli

Massages and Relaxation

The oldest form of physical therapy to feel like a new person

Wellness Massage

In the massage room of the Locanda del Conte Mameli, carved out of the Roman aqueduct, a certified expert massage physiotherapist will be completely available to guarantee you wellness treatments suited to your wishes.

Sector professionals know how to find the proper softness or firmness in massage, giving you profound well-being and psycho-physical relaxation.

If the duration  of your stay allows it, you will be offered a customized massage therapy program to release your body from any stiffness and make you feel like a new person!!

The massages offered are:

  • Stone Massage - 50 min: € 65.00/pers.                                             
  • Lymphatic drainage Body Massage - 50 min: € 65.00/pers.               
  • Postural Massage - 50 min: € 65.00/pers.                                             
  • Sports Anti-fatigue Massage - 50 min: € 65.00/pers.  
  • Californian  Massage - 50 min: € 69.00/pers.                      
  • Relax Massage - 50 min: € 59.00/pers.                                           
  • Decontracting Massage - 50 min: € 65.00/pers.

Choose the dates of your stay and purchase your preferred massage online.

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